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About us

My name is Nicole and I really like Nicolas Cage.

Well, maybe that's a stretch. It may be more suitable to say I am awe inspired at how someone can be so... him. It's a thing.

This all kinda started when I won an award at a formal. Not just any formal though, one where I was receiving the prestigious award for having accomplished virtually nothing while wasting away in our Engineering café. It was a pretty big moment.

Me with the damn award

After the awkward shuffle to take pictures that I really wasn't expecting, I'm chatting it up, until someone makes a joke that maybe next year, I'd actually have to dress appropriately (hardy har har.)

Of course, to anyone that knows me, they know that no one can tell me how to live my life. My dress would be more than appropriate... whatever that was.

That summer, I got working. I needed something that looked classy, timeless, and ultimately horrifying to those that gazed upon it. Those photos would be worth it. Also I had watched Con Air and I really can't get over the hair in the wind or Steve Buscemi in that "Got the Whole World In His Hands" scene.

I had my design. I gathered a few friends and we got sewing.

Ha that's a lie, I can't sew to save my life, nor was I really thinking about getting this done. Ends up starting an internship at Shopify and being away from school can really make time fly. My good friend Emily ended up helping me make the dress in a short 3 days the week before the formal and she is a super star.

So I presented that award. It was horribly embarrassing and to be honest, I think I just rambled into a microphone for the required 30 seconds. But I looked damn good doing it.

Behold the fabled dress!

Nailed it.