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Tobi pointing sticker

Tobi pointing sticker

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(3" wide.) Pre-order for a Tobi pointing sticker because I need to live with the consequences of my actions.

But you know who doesn't deserve to live with consequences? People hurt fighting against injustice. All profits will be going towards Northstar Health Collective, a group that focuses on providing riot first aid and relevant training. As they have reached their fundraising goal, funds will be going to Black Vision Collective and the Flint clean water initiative!

Thank you all who pre-ordered! A donation of $500 CAD ($400 USD) has been split between the two funds:


Pre-order Schedule:

  • May 29 - June 8, 2020: Accept pre-orders
  • June 8: Order amount (probably a bit more)
  • Sometime in June: Mail stickers, sell remaining stock

This is a limited time sticker, so just think: What Would Tobi Do?

Mix & Match bundle discounts on all stickers.

2 for $5 CAD
TRILOGY: 3 for $7 CAD
QUARTET: 4 for $9 CAD
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